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Sometimes, life hits you hard.


The major trials and tribulations of life can destabilise you.  Life feels rocky, messy, and sometimes overwhelming. It could be cancer and other illnesses, the death of someone significant, losing a job or going through a divorce/break-up.


Or perhaps it’s a combination of these life-changing events.

When overwhelmed in this way, you may think you are DEPRESSED. Chances are, you’re not depressed but grieving. Grief feels a lot like depression but it is the normal and natural emotional response when your life has changed drastically or unexpectedly. We will experience grief for any major life-changing event – not just bereavement. There is emotional pain involved and you might experience numbness, confusion, and a load of other unpredictable and scary emotions. That’s why you may think you’re depressed or have a mental health issue. Many grievers say they feel like they’re ‘going crazy’.


You may be not be familiar with grief as it’s a topic that society generally doesn’t talk about openly nor encourage. Because most of the support people give is practical and intellectual and the advice provided is often unhelpful and wrong, you are very likely to struggle and think there’s something wrong with you. Emotional support does happen in the form of helplines and support groups and these are very helpful in giving you support, reassurance and understanding. However, they don’t necessarily teach you how to let go of the pain or to be free of the heartache going forward.


On the flip side, you may be one of the many who bury or ignore their grief and wear a mask, pretending to others (and yourself) that you’re in control, nothing’s changed, and you’re ok. But we know that where there is loss, there is grief and grief doesn’t dissolve over time – TIME DOES NOT HEAL GRIEF. Instead, unresolved grief can brew inside you and accumulate, affecting your life negatively. You need to do something over time in order to be free of the pain. That starts with allowing yourself to grieve and taking action to recover from the pain. You CAN let go of the pain and live the life you want; tens of thousands of people who have faced tragic and traumatic losses have done so.


At Altered Dawn, we specialise in equipping you with the know-how and tools to face grief, especially after cancer, bereavement or job-loss.


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About Joules

It took me 30 years to realise that the death of my teenage brother had shaped my attitude to life and the choices I made, and another 4 years to work out what that meant!

Hi, I’m Joules Chan, founder of Altered Dawn. I know from experience that after a life-changing event, we just don’t feel the same way about things as we used to before. Our dawns are forever altered. I’ve experienced this after several bereavements, relationship break-ups and cancer.

At the age of 13, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do when my brother collapsed during an asthma attack and died. So I did what everyone around me was doing – I kept busy and just got on with life. Being busy meant I didn’t have to think about the sadness and the pain.

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