Altered Dawn | Retreats
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Find a way to live well after cancer treatment

Do you need to get away from it all?


Do you need some space and time to figure out ‘What Next”?


Life doesn’t feel the same after cancer. We’ve had a wake-up call and we’re faced with an altered dawn.


Daily life may be a struggle or maybe you find that you’re on auto-pilot – just going through the motions and acting “fine” so others don’t see your confusion or that you feel different. Your treatment is over and you’re now supposed to get on with life. Those around you might think that the best thing is to put it all behind and carry on.


But I know, as do others who have had cancer, that it’s not that simple and we need time and space to figure out what we went through, what our priorities are now that we’ve had this extraordinary experience and where we want to go next.

This retreat is an opportunity for you to turn the extraordinary experience of cancer into an extraordinary life and thrive.


Give yourself permission to take time out to relax, review and revitalise your life.


Give yourself the time and space to discover how to find peace of mind and live well after cancer.

Our retreats are designed to help you achieve these outcomes and we draw on the expertise of other leading transformational facilitators.

Join Joules and other leading facilitators on our retreats for 3 days or 5 days on the Isle of Wight in the UK and in Europe.


Learn to let go of the pain and live well