Life After A Death

Break free from the emotional pain of a bereavement.


Are you stuck, distracted, confused or lonely? Does it feel like your heart will never heal?

Although it might not feel like it right now, it is actually possible to recover from the emotional pain of a significant or traumatic death. Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to losing someone who was significant in your life – it could be someone you loved dearly, or someone you resented. However, through social conditioning, most of us have lost our natural ability to deal with such strong and unpredictable emotions.

Modern society trains you to get an education, get a job, build a relationship and acquire things – but not necessarily what to do when you lose them. Generally you’re discouraged from talking openly when things are not going well so you end up saying “I’m fine”. If you do pluck up the courage to tell people you’re feeling sad, down or overwhelmed by a bereavement, they say: “Let go and move on”. But they don’t tell you how. You may then end up avoiding, ignoring, burying or distracting yourself from sadness, anger, confusion and other ‘negative’ or difficult emotions that arise during grief.

So a really common response to grief is to ‘get on with life’. You keep busy and every time you experience a disappointment or loss, you close off a part of our heart. Gradually you build a wall around your heart which means that you can’t live fully. Generally, you get away with this – that is, until you experience another major loss or a series of losses which may leave you feeling overwhelmed, full of doubt, lost, anxious or without hope.

That’s what happened to me over 34 years, and I’ve shared my story on this site to inspire grievers to face their grief and to take action to recover – because it is possible to recover.

Using my experience of helping hundreds of grievers since 2012, I now provide bespoke support to the bereaved as I know that your experience of grief is unique.  I offer support online, over the phone or face to face both individually and in groups.

I have also designed a 2-day workshop that teaches you how to grieve, to break down that wall, to heal your heart and to let go of the pain. It will help build your resilience so that you can find a way forward, at your own pace.

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The Grief Recovery Method®:

As a Grief Recovery Specialist®, I am also trained to guide you through The Grief Recovery Method®

is not counselling 

is not therapy 

is not an alternative treatment 

While any of the above can be beneficial, they mainly offer a path to discovery of the thoughts and feelings you have around the losses in your life.

However, from my own experience as from my training as a Grief Recovery Specialist®, I know that discovery is not the same as recovery.

The Grief Recovery Method®, recognised by the NHS in England, is an action plan and there is no analysis involved. It is a series of small correct steps that leads to the completion of all the unresolved emotions and communications linked to your losses.

You are then able to regain a sense of well-being and find your love for life again.

What’s more, the know-how and tools you learn from The Grief Recovery Method® will mean that you’re well-prepared to deal with future losses – because loss cannot be avoided but we can learn to deal with the resulting grief.

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