Help Children Deal With Loss Training (6-wks)

Are you a professional, parent, volunteer or carer who works with, or is training to work with, children and young people?

If so, it won’t surprise you that 1 child in every 4 suffers with stress and anxiety.

This course is designed specifically for you so that you can help children and young people deal effectively with the unpredictable emotions that arise from changes in their circumstances, such as:

• divorce/separation
• pet loss
• death
• house move
• school transitions
… and any other losses

If not handled effectively, these changes can leave children with anxieties or stress. Conversely, it could close them off emotionally for years. I know this personally, because this is what happened to me and it took me over 30 years to recognise the impact of my childhood losses on my life choices. I don’t want that to happen to other children.

Are you concerned that you might not be saying or not doing the right thing when those in your care experience these significant changes in their lives?

There are many myths about dealing with sad emotions that confuse children. From this training, you will learn how to replace these myths with practical guidance for your children or the children you support.

Come and learn how to make a difference in 6 short weeks (2 hours per week 6-8pm).

Cost: £150.

Next course starts 22nd June 2017 [ends 3rd August 2017]

St John’s Parish Hall, High Park Road, Ryde PO33 1BP

Call 07742 236 970 to book

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