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The Grief Recovery Method®

Have you experienced a series of losses?


Bereavement? Divorce/Break-up? Ill-health? Job loss? etc…

You may have reached the point where it feels like your life is just one bad thing after another. You’re perhaps exhausted or at the end of your tether. It probably all feels too much and you may be wondering if there is something wrong with you.

Take action. Do the Grief Recovery Method® programme – the evidence-based action programme for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses.

Contrary to common belief, it is actually possible to recover from significant / traumatic loss or a series of major losses. That’s what the Grief Recovery Method® is designed to do. It teaches you how to and gives you the right tools that you need to take positive recovery action.


Loss is a natural part of life and we experience it again and again in its various guises such as death, divorce or other relationship break-ups, job loss, bankruptcy, loss of health, loss of trust, etc. Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to such losses. However, through social conditioning, most of us have become unfamiliar with grief. For example, most people wrongly associate grief only with a bereavement.


From childhood, we’re taught how to acquire things and to build our lives – but not what to do when we lose them. We’re encouraged to avoid, ignore, bury or distract ourselves from sadness, anger, confusion and other ‘negative’ emotions. We’re discouraged from talking openly when things are not going well so we all say we’re ‘fine’. Sadly, this means we don’t have the life skills to deal with the intense and unpredictable waves of emotions we can experience during grief. So, in general, we are poorly prepared to deal with grief.


Indeed, many people mistakenly think they are ‘depressed’ when they are in fact grieving. Grief is not a mental health issue – it’s the normal and natural response to loss. Grief is also about a broken heart – not a broken brain.
The Grief Recovery Method® is an evidence-based action plan and there is no psychoanalysis or counselling involved. It’s a specially designed course where you are guided through your losses towards recovery, in a safe, relaxed and supportive environment.

The Grief Recovery Method®

is not counselling

is not therapy

is not an alternative treatment

While any of the above can be beneficial, they mainly offer a path to the discovery of the thoughts and feelings you have around the losses in your life. However, having worked with hundreds of grievers since 2012, our founder, Joules Chan, knows that discovery is not the same as recovery.
As an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®, Joules is able to gently guide you through the four main components of this programme:


Step 1: – Look at the beliefs and assumptions you have followed in the past, begin to understand the habits that you have developed, and why they are not helping you recover.


Step 2 – Identify any number of “short term energy relieving behaviours” that you have used in the past to feel better but which don’t really deal with your underlying grief issues.


Step 3 – Explore all of the different losses you have encountered in your life and decide which one to address first.


Step 4 – Take the necessary recovery actions to deal with the “unfinished business” related to that loss and that relationship.


You can then use the tools you’ve learned to complete with other losses, one at a time, gradually breaking down that wall you might have built around you. As you progress through the programme, your heart begins to heal, you move beyond your losses, you regain a sense of well-being and you find your love for life again.


The know-how and tools you learn from The Grief Recovery Method® will build your resilience and ability to deal with future losses – you can’t avoid loss, but at least you’ll be better-prepared and better-equipped.
The know-how and tools you learn from The Grief Recovery Method® will build your resilience and ability to deal with future losses – you can’t avoid loss, but at least you’ll be better-prepared and better-equipped.


The Grief Recovery Method® services available:


– Online 1:1 Programme (7 sessions)


– Face-to-face Group Programme (8 sessions)


– Face-to-face 1:1 Programme (7 sessions)


– Face-to-Face Helping Children With Loss Programme – 1:1 or group (4 sessions)

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