Altered Dawn | Life & Cancer
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Life & Cancer

Break free from the emotional pain of your cancer experience.

Has your cancer experience left you feeling exhausted, confused or low?

The cancer experience is an extraordinary one and once the treatment is over, you can find yourself out of sorts. You perhaps feel different but you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly is wrong.

You do your best to carry on with life but find that you are functioning below capacity. You might be feeling so many different emotions that your head is buzzing and you find it hard to concentrate.  You know that finding peace of mind is essential to help your recovery.

Here’s an example from Joules, founder of Altered Dawn CIC:

“After my treatment for bowel cancer in 2016, I found that there was a lot of white noise in my head. I noticed that apart from the physical effects like fatigue and aching body, I felt restless and I was more anxious generally. I was preoccupied by the thought “What if it comes back?”. 

“As a trained grief volunteer and certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, I recognised that I was grieving so I knew that my feelings were normal. I also knew what to do to release this anxiety and regain my peace of mind. But I noticed that other cancer patients were struggling and unsure about how to deal with the emotional aftermath of their experience.  Many thought they were depressed or had a mental health issue and that increased their anxiety. This spurred me on to use my training and years of experience working with grievers to devise a 5-step process for those who have experienced cancer so that they can make peace with their cancer experience. I know that it is possible – and essential – to let go of the pain and worry and to live well despite cancer.”

As a start, download and read our free e-book, Coping With Cancer: Dealing With Anxiety & Fear, which will help you begin to deal with the anxiety, fear and other emotions that you may be struggling with.

Weekend Workshop

Give yourself the time and space to work through the emotional impact of your cancer experience.

On our 2-day workshop designed by Joules, you will learn to deal with the emotional and mental side-effects of your cancer experience and liberate yourself from the emotional aftermath. It is also an opportunity for you to meet others who’ve experienced cancer in a safe and confidential setting.

Call Joules for a chat or to find out about our next workshop.

Treat yourself to a retreat

If you also find yourself at a crossroads or feel that your life is about to shift in a significant way, we have a 5 or 7 day retreat, designed to help you figure out what your next step is and how to live well. These retreats are small and customised to your needs.

Call Joules for a chat.


Learn to let go of the pain and live well